Over 30 years of innovation

T-Kartor has been combining cartography, GIS and programming expertise since 1985.

T-Kartor Group

T-Kartor Group consists of T-Kartor Content Management, T-Kartor Geospatial and T-Kartor USA.

We work internationally  for organizations and cities that need efficient solutions for security, big data management, sustainable mobility and much more.

T-Kartor Content Management

Focusing on state-of-the-art cartographic production and information optimized for every situation, we are proud to work with some of the most prestigious customers in the world.


We produce City Wayfinding and Integrated Public Transport information to help people navigate their way through the city in a sustainable way.

Our best practise experience helps create Connected Cities with improved public spaces by encouraging walking, cycling and public transport.

More about City Wayfinding


We deliver State-of-the-Art printed charts and enhanced digital rasters to any map system for optimal viewing of Aeronautical, Hydrographical and Topographic information.

T-Kartor Geospatial

We focus on developing data platforms and related applications using open source technology. We work with agile software development and can provide technology as a licensed or cloud solution. Products include:


GT-o is an information management platform developed for the web. It has extensive catalogue functions to ingest and distribute data in many formats (+90). The system handles maps, satellite images, ortophoto, documents, video and weather services, offering security at many levels. Systems can run off- or on-line, and available functionality includes an updated world map, notifications and subscription services. An example implementation of this system is The Norwegian Defence.


LLAMA is an example implementation of an online collabaration tool between stakeholders and suppliers for maintaining a geograhic database. This platform is currently being used in several big cities.

T-Kartor USA

T-Kartor USA has several key defense contracts with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) both as a prime contractor and with major partners.

We also offer powerful data platforms and software applications within the federal market.

T-KartorUSA website

We create and maintain geographical information, maps and charts – and always strive to develop innovative solutions.

Sweden (HQ)

T-Kartor Group AB
Box 5097, 291 05 Kristianstad, Sweden

Visiting address:
Olof Mohlins väg 12
291 62 Kristianstad

Phone +46 44 206 800


T-Kartor USA
710 N Tucker Blvd Ste. 304
St. Louis, MO 63101, USA

Phone +1 (314) 621-8411


T-Kartor Norway AS
Oslo, Norway
(Box 5097, 291 05 Kristianstad, Sweden)

Phone +46 44 206 800

Great Britain

T-Kartor GB, Ltd.
Studio 310, China Works
100 Black Prince Road, London SE1 7SJ, England

Phone +44 844 3814 841


T-Kartor Finland OY
Puolikkotie 8, 5th floor, 02230 Espoo, Finland

Phone +46 44 206 800