An iconic brand of wayfinding for walking, biking and public transit

A mapping brand for New York which includes specially designed products for pedestrian, Bikeshare, Select Bus Service and Subway exit maps (Since 2015).


The WalkNYC Wayfinding system was developed to enhance the lives of New York City’s residents and visitors by improving the way they understand and navigate the city. It’s design, echoing the much loved 1970’s subway information design, continues a strong NYC brand.

T-Kartor formed part of a multi-disciplinary team combining world class skills in wayfinding, graphic design, local knowledge, cartography and industrial design.

The wayfinding system was commissioned by the New York Department of Transportation (NYCDoT) and has been adopted for mapping across the subway system by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (NYC MTA).


T-Kartor built a seamless mapping database covering all five boroughs and a platform to manage and distribute the basemap. This platform allows the creation of efficient production workflows to provide the city with hundreds of accurate, up-to-date map products into the future.

A light-base version of the basemap was created to suit information products printed on paper and vinyl. This is particularly suitable for the subway, where lower light levels require a lighter product. Our platform reproduces centrally maintained map content in different ways depending on output styles. 


"Thank you and the entire T-Kartor team for your professionalism, excellent communication, and quality products"

Wendy Feuer
Assistant Commissioner Urban Design, Art & Wayfinding, New York City DoT


Signs were rolled-out across the city in four stages:

  • Citi Bike bike share docking stations
  • Pedestrian schemes
  • Select Bus Service (SBS) rapid bus transit routes
  • Subway stations

Subsequent datasets have been added including transit data and cycle route networks broadening the number of wayfinding products available. 

Printed maps are also produced across certain districts with the aim of raising the health profile of the local community. These maps publicise farmers’ markets, healthy food shopping, cultural events and other activities in the local context. 

We create and maintain geographical information, maps and charts – and always strive to develop innovative solutions.

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